Premium Eagle Disposable Gloves to Safeguard Your Business


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Food Service

Eagle Nitrile and STRETCHPoly latex-free and powder-free disposable gloves are made from the highest quality materials and are always responsibly sources. 

Body Art

Nitrile gloves are the preferred choice of many tattoo artists due to their strength, low allergy risk and high levels of comfort, dexterity and tactile sensitivity. Eagle Disposable Gloves are latex-free and powder-free.

Medical and Law Enforcement

Saratoga Goods offers Eagle Sensitive and Derma2 Examination Gloves. Our exam-grade disposable nitrile gloves are popular with medical professionals, first responders and law enforcement. 

Professional and Household Cleaning

Nitrile gloves protect you from harsh chemicals found in many cleaning products. Most Eagle Disposable Gloves are resistant to chemical permeation and resistant to bacteria and fungi.

Manufacturing and industrial

Nitrile gloves are commonly used in manufacturing and industrial settings for their resistance to a range of chemicals and solvents, making them ideal for use in automotive, electronics, and chemical industries. Eagle Disposable Gloves are the perfect choice!

  • Environmentally Better

    By supplying better quality products, and offering expertise on correct product selection and best use, Eagle Disposable Gloves can help reduce the environmental impact of your business by reducing glove product failure and associated disposal costs.

  • Products Certified Safe

    Eagle Disposable Gloves are single-sourced, Fingerprint Checked* (FPC) and lot certified safe to ensure manufacturing and product consistency. You receive the same product, same raw material and same manufacturing process every time.

  • Ethically Sourced

    Factories are visited regularly by Eagle Protect staff and audited through our Supplier Code of Conduct, which assesses environmental and social impacts of production. Our Child Labor Free certification to Manufacturing level is further assurance our products are sourced responsibly and sustainably.

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